Le voyage en Finlande 2010

Dans le cadre du cours d’anglais, et dans le but de faire partager à tous l’expérience du voyage en Finlande des 3èmeB, les élèves ont rédigé de courts textes relatant leurs meilleurs souvenirs.

Mme Dagorne, professeur d’anglais

1. L’école

L’école d’accueil des français

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, about one fifth of the Finns (total 5.35 million) live in its area. Munkkiniemi School – known as Munkka – lies near the Baltic Sea in Western Helsinki. The establishment comprises both secondary and upper secondary school, about 900 students altogether, with a staff of one hundred. Check our website(partly in French as well). Click here for information about Finland and here for Helsinki(in English and in French).

Le système scolaire finlandais

We left to Finland for one week within the context of a French-Finnish exchange. During this week, we’ve had the opportunity to attend different classes of their middle school. Each of us actually followed his or her penpal in class.

The Finish pupils have classes we don’t have in our French school system, like cooking, Swedish, handicraft, needle work, metal work or wood work... They also have snow sports classes like ice-hockey.

The students are not allowed to take their schoolbags in class, that’s why they have a locker, but they can walk in socks within the school if they want to…

We have noticed that the courses were more practical and down-to-earth than in France. The teachers are less strict. During the classes the pupils are allowed to talk to each other, to chat, to listen music sometimes... A math teacher has even let his students play chess or brain teaser… situations that would be absolutely forbidden in France !

At lunch time, they go to the self and they drink milk or water. During their breaks, they can buy drinks in machines or some food at a kind of bar.

The teachers leave a lot of working freedom to the pupils. Eléonore who used to go to a Steiner School, says that these schools take the Northern European countries’ education as a model.

In fact, it was an excellent experience and it is obvious that all of us have preferred the Finnish educational system to ours !

Céline B., Mathilde D., Eléonore B - 3e

2. Les histoires de voyage...

Le match de hockey

On Thursday evening we went to watch an ice hockey match while the other pupils of the class went cross-country skiing. When we arrived at the stadium there was already a good atmosphere. The teams we were watching were HIFK and Jokerit. Both teams were from Helsinski. We realized that ice hockey was the same thing for them as football is for us. A match of hockey is divided into three periods of twenty minutes each with breaks of ten minutes in between.

During the breaks, big machines were cleaning and preparing the hockey rink. We supported the HIFK team and they won. During the second break we bought some food. We went to “Hessburger”, a kind of “Quick” for Finnish people. During the whole match, there was a good atmosphere. We laughed a lot. Everyone in our group of friends had written HIFK on their arm or on their face and Lucas and Henrik even wore the official shirt of HIFK. When we went out of the stadium, our penpals told us not to shout too loudly “HIFK”, otherwise supporters of the other team could beat us up !

Delphine M, Lucas M, Aurélien A, Ghislain B, Léo T - 3e

Bataille de boules neige

Our best memory is the second evening of the trip to Finland. It was at Atte and Olli’s house.

We were a large number of Finnish and French on that evening. We decided to go outdoors to play in the snow. It was very funny because we played in the snow with our new good friends.

This expedition at night was just magic because we were in the black and in the forest. We were playing in the snow and we weren’t cold at all. Our Finnish friends were very amusing and we laughed a lot. We organized a snowball battle and we used the forest trees to hide and to frighten each other ! We had a great time, but the best of it was when we came back at Atte and Olli’s house where we had a lot … to eat !!!

Corentin P, Elodie A, Pierre - 3è

La fête

Our best memory of Finland is the party which was organized by Ramona (Clémence’s penpal) in her house on the last evening. It took place in a very big house and there was a little cottage in the garden just next to the sea. In this cottage there was a sauna and a sort of little swimming-pool outside.

There were seven of us with our Finnish penpals, the party began with the game "Singstar" and

since Finnish young people love it, they song a lot. We didn’t sing as much as they did but we tried. Afterwards Ramona’s parents had bought 20 pizzas and we ate all of them !

It was around 8 PM when we decided to go to the sauna. But since we were too numerous we were asked to go directly to the pool. It was so funny and so relaxing !

It was by night… the sea was frozen… and there was a dark starry sky ! The view was so great and beautiful ! In the pool, the water was very hot and we weren’t cold at all. Then we ran and jumped all together into the snow ! We made the ‘snow angels’ ! The sensation was very weird and new to us ; we weren’t cold whereas we were in bikinis and outside by -15°C ! Nevertheless… after a few seconds we started to be cold so we had to run to the pool again. It was so great ! We had a lot of fun that night. That’s why we would like to do it again.

We can say that we are very happy to have shared this moment together !

It has created new friendly links between us.

Clémence H. & Marie-louise G - 3e

Visite d’UPM

On the third day of our week in Finland we went to visit Kuusankoski UPM factory with our Finnish penpals. We visited this company with an employer to see the inside and to discover the machines and the process of making paper. This visit was connected with our technology programm in 3e.We have observed how recycle paper is made and how they can make paper of different qualities...

UPM (United Paper Mills) is one of the world’s leading forest industry groups. UPM consist in three business groups : energy, pulp, paper and engineered material.

Today’s globally operating company has origins dating back to late 19th century in Finland. UPM has production facilities in 15 countries and it employs some 23 000 people worldwide.

To make some paper, trees are cut and fowarded to the factory where there are several sort of treatments and many transformations : the paper will be crushed, compressed, warmed, compacted etc...before being sold. It was a very interesting visit... but the funniest part of it was to wear those terrible yellow security jackets. They really fitted each of us !

Lionor R. , Raphaël P - 3e

Un peu de sport !

On Thursday, all the class took the bus to go to Vihti station to practice tobogganing and cross-country skiing.

First, we went to ski : at the beginning, it was really difficult to put the skis on our feet ! First steps in the snow … we got used to walking with our skis then we started to slide along more easily. Later, we left the circle rink and went to the tracks in the middle of nature. We fell a lot on the slopes, but what a fun we had !

Then we went downhill as fast as possible with our toboggans. It was very funny, but we also felt afraid because the slopes were very steep. This moment was very cool and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

It was a wonderful experience, and we’re sure that all the students have loved cross-country skiing together.

Most of us ended with a hot drink (and hamburgers for some of us) inside the coffee shop : it was great !

Elise P., Alexandra T., Julie D., Clotilde M., Damien R., and Vincent C., Jules - 3e

Expédition à Nuuskio

Notre expédition au parc national de Nuuskio

When we went in the forest, we made many interesting activities, that’s why the three of us have preferred this moment.

At the beginning of the visit, we walked through the forest with a guide until we reached a wooden hut which was crafted in logs. It was interesting because this hut had a history : a mother and her daughter used to pick up wood in the forest and used to bring it to the nearest village for the saunas.

Then, we went to a cottage and ate some Finnish specialties for lunch. The soup of reindeer was special… Nevertheless it’s was good…and we ate it all !

Afterwards we went to a Lapp tent to eat some Finnish sausages cooked on a barbecue around a huge fire and we had ‘pulla’ for desert. What a wonderful time we had !!!

After that, some of us went snowshoe walking in the nature, some went tobogganing and some others went ice-fishing on a frozen lake. Unfortunately we didn’t fish anything !

Finally, we went to the sauna, which was very cool ! We jumped in frozen water…it was so cold but so cool ! What an unforgettable experience !

Nicolas, Théo and Audran - 3e

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