Le voyage en Finlande 2012

Dans le cadre du cours d’anglais et dans le but de faire partager à tous l’expérience de l’échange franco-finlandais, les élèves de 3èmeD ont rédigé des articles relatant leurs meilleurs souvenirs. Enjoy !

Finland !

Thursday, January 26th 2012 at twelve, we were in the cooking class to make pulla. The home economics teacher explained to us what the cooking class consisted in and how it worked.

Then, we were divided into different groups and we had to respect the recipe. It was very funny to cook all together and everybody liked this experience.

Afterwards, we went to Paloheïna from 1.pm to 5.pm. We took the bus for half an hour. We were with our finish partners. Paloheïna is outside Helsinki and it’s a location where there are long slopes to do sledge, a forest to go snowshoe walking and also some rail-tracks to go cross country skiing.

Once arrived, our Finish friends went tobboganing while we were skiing. As there weren’t enough skis, some of us put snowshoes on and went walking in the woods with the teachers.

On the circle, two tracks helped us to ski easier and go faster. There were ups and downs... a long climb then an all schuss slope. Even if most of us were skiing for the first time, we managed it quite well. Others often fell and laughed a lot. For the first time, it’s very difficult ! A Finish teacher skied with us and she was very fast.

After cross country skiing, we joined the Finns to do sledge all together. Meanwhile, those who had snowshoes switched to ski with the French teachers.

The sledge slope were very long and there were a lot of bumps. Some of us finished the nose in the snow like us ! We couldn’t stop laughing !

At the end of the afternoon, we were very hungry and thirsty. But fortunately, the teachers had brought the pulla which we had made in the morning !
We ate the pulla on the spot and we drunk a very strange but typical hot juice ! We shared all about our day and spoke with the others.

It was one of our best day which made up our great week in Finland and we all keep an incredible memory of this trip !

Claire, Johanna, Mathilde and Eugénie.

The ice hockey match

Within the framework of a school trip we went on an exchange with Finnish teenagers to improve our English and create links with our partners. We spent a whole week there from January 23rd to 30th .During that week we attended an ice hockey match with a group of young Finnish people.
Our Finnish friends had organized a surprise for us ; it was the ice hockey match. We were so happy ! We went to this match with a lot of people like:Lotta, Milla, Milena, Seela, Reeta…
It was so impressive ! We were excited. Ice hockey is as famous as football in France. We saw the famous team “HIFK” that our partners and ourselves supported. The stadium was over-booked and the atmosphere absolutely crazy. We were lucky to see a match with our team as the winner.
Today it remains one of the best moments of our trip in Finland. The good-mood and the complicity that we shared with our penpals made this day be a fantastic remembrance forever.
Cléo , Ysalis and Jasmine 3°D

Experiencing the sauna !

The sauna was invented in Finland. That’s why we wanted so much to experience this Finnish tradition during our stay in Helsinki !

Our sauna experience took place at Heikki’s house, Sacha and Antoine’s partner, on the Saturday evening. Before testing the sauna , our teachers had told us about the risks and the positive points of this experience. So, that evening we took a taxi to go to Heikki’s house because he lived in the outskirts of Helsinki.

So, we went to the sauna, and when the heat became too high for us, we ran and jumped into the snow to get cold and just after, we went back again into the sauna because we were very cold !! It was a great activity to do, a great discovery… and we think all of you should test it as soon as possible !

After the sauna, a partner’s father had made a lot of delicious pizzas for all of us.

Before going back home, we organized a Singstar party, a karaoke game.
We spent a really great evening.

In fact we had already tried the sauna at Milena’s place before . The sauna was a little smaller than Heikki’s… but these two typically Finnish experiences remain our best memories. Moreover, the teachers were not there… so we shared this moment just with our Finnish friends and that was great !

Thanks to everybody for this trip ! We want to go back to Finland another time and meet our partners again !

The bowling

During our trip to Finland, we had a great time with our finish friends . One of the best part was the night at the bowling center.
We went to the bowling center after the school activities and we played there for a really long time.
We had a lot of fun. Everybody played, some of us were good, others weren’t that good but we all enjoyed it !
We organized some sorts of competition and everybody was screaming and screaming to support their team.
After that, we went to a special room where we ate and we spent the rest of the evening there.
This is a really good memory from Finland because it was different from the other activities.
All the trip was fantastic but this was the best time.

The cooking class

During our school trip to Finland, last February, we have experienced a lot of things. My paper will be about “pulla” a traditional cake.

We cooked it with our classmates, in the school kitchen, where the “Home economics” class usually takes place. This class teaches the students you how to take care of their house, how to manage it and how to deal with their budget as well.

We were splatted into several teams, so this cooking session allowed us to see our friends from a different point of view and show our team spirit. It was very pleasant to eat “pullas” we had made by ourselves.

As a conclusion, teamwork is very important and it’s very much taking into account in the Finnish school system. To be synchronized with your team-mates is the only way to succeed and that’s a competence you’ll need in any professional career.

Gabriel L and Adrien R

Visiting Munkkiniemen school !

We left to Finland on Monday, January 23rd for one week. We took the plane to the capital of Finland, Helsinki and were so happy about it ! It was an exchange with Finland and we had a partner from “Munkkiniemen school”.

On Wednesday January 28th, we were welcomed to the school and we visited it with the Finnish French teachers.

We attended many classes and saw many classrooms, including the music room. The pupils in Finland can play the guitar, the battery and can sing with a microphone. We were very impressed and envious.

We also discovered with surprise that our partners can ask their teachers for the keys of the gym to go and practice the sport they want. And the teachers let them go and use the gym as they want because they trust them.

There are cooking classes, handcrafts classes, and a “technology” class where boys and girls learn how to build wooden-made objects or timber-made objects as large spoons for the sauna. .

Of course they also have classes as in France : history, languages, biology, mathematics…

We met the school principal in the auditorium, he was very nice and happy to see us and to have us at Munkka. We have been very interested by this visit and happy to discover our partners’ school.

We were impressed about the size and the large number of classrooms. Seeing this school made us feel very envious and we hope that there will be a school like that very soon in France.

Naomi B, Manon V